Europerio 8

Prof. Aimetti, collaborators and students attended the Europerio 8 in London on 3-6 June.

Our congratulations to Dr. Valeria Manavella, PhD student, with the poster “An innovative technique for ridge reconstruction: a pilot study with histological analysis” and to our Master students who presented the following researches:

– Dr. Martina Audagna: “Osseous resective surgery with and without fiber retention technique: clinical, radiographic, histological and biomolecular comparison”
– Dr. Marta Giraudi: “Regenerative therapy using Dental Pulp Stem Cells/Collagen Sponge Biocomplex in the Treatment of Periodontal Intrabony Defects: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial”

– Dr. Adriano Fratini: “Prospective assessment of the use of enamel matrix proteins with non-surgical or surgical approaches in deep intrabony defects: a randomized controlled clinical trial”.