PhD thesis 2017

Dr. Francesco Ferrarotti and Dr. Valeria Manavella discussed their PhD thesis in Technologies applied to the surgical sciences: “Periodontal Regeneration through the use of mesenchymal stem cells” and “Sockets alveolar ridge augmentation in postextractive compromised in patients with severe periodontal disease “.

The educational training of 3 years has involved all the Periodontal Department. Following the research projects the students had an overview on bone and tissue regeneration in periodontal field.

The lectures of “Research Methodology” has been carried out in collaboration with the laboratory collaborations of the ‘University of Milan (Department of Biomedical Sciences, Surgical and Dental, Prof. Dellavia), the University of Pavia (Prof. Cusella De Angelis) and Politecnico of Turin (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Prof. Bignardi and Prof. Ciardelli).