Course of anatomical dissection in Lousanne 2016

This year our Master in Periodontology group went to the Anatomy Department of Lausanne, center that offers an excellent infrastructures and services.
The goal is to train Master students in the field of periodontology and implantology with the supervision of the teachers.
In this beautiful Swiss city they spent moments of high level education and nice evenings among colleagues..

V° meeting of the Master in Periodontal Therapy

Last month there was the V° meeting of the Master in Periodontal Therapy.
Dr. Minenna held a lecture on non-surgical therapy and in the afternoon the participants had the opportunity to treat a patient affected by periodontal disease with the supervision of the tutors.
After the analysis of the intraoral radiographs and of the periodontal chart, they performed the root planing of a sextant with mono and multi-rooted elements.

Chinese Stomatological Association – 21° Congress in Beijing

The Chinese Stomatological Association invited Prof. Aimetti to the 21° national congress in Beijing. The title of his lecture was: “Periodontal plastic surgery: from health to wellness.”

He analyzed the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects about the role of keratinized tissue in achieving and maintaining periodontal health. He also discussed about the importance of a proper level of gingival margins in the aesthetic treatment of patients with or without periodontal disease.

The same days he performed a seminar at the University of Beijing about the minimally invasive therapy of intraosseous defects, analyzing the different surgical approaches, the operative times, the morbidity and cost-benefit ratio for the patient.

Prof. Aimetti RAI 1 guest

Today there is a big confusion about periodontology. To highlight the fundamental aspects of this disease Prof. Aimetti was invited as SIdP President Elect and University Professor at the RAI TV transmission Uno Mattina.

During the interview Prof. Aimetti will talk about diagnosis, local effects and systemic correlation of the disease.

Don’t forget the live interview on April, 8 at 8.35 AM in RAI 1 channel or in streaming on RAI website here.

Cagidiaco Prize 2016

The Cagidiaco prize, aimed to award the best poster presented by a Dental Hygienist, was assigned at the XIX National Congress in Turin to Dr. Laura Bianco who attends the Department of Periodontology by SIdP.

It is a great honour for us the recognition of the scientific contribution of her poster “Risposta dei mediatori dell’infiammazione alla terapia non chirurgica in pazienti affetti da parodontite aggressiva generalizzata”.

Congratulations Laura!

Goldman, Cagidiaco Prize and Research Forum 2016

At the 19th SIdP Congress our students will be candidates for:


-“Validazione di tecniche di image processing per l’analisi volumetrica dell’alveolo postestrattivo in pazienti affetti da parodontite severa ” presented by Dr. Valeria Manavella (PhD)
-“Revisione Sistematica della qualità del reporting e della metodologia negli studi di associazione tra polimorfismi dei geni dell’IL-1 e parodontite cronica ” presented by Dr. Filippo Citterio (Master)CAGIDIACO PRIZE
-“Confronto tra terapia convenzionale a quadranti e One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection nel trattamento della parodontite aggressiva generalizzata: valutazione clinica e microbiologica a 6 mesi “ presented by Dr. Ferrero (dental hygienist)
-“One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection associated with systemic antibiotic therapy in the treatment of generalized aggressive periodontitis. Clinical and microbiological analysis at 6 months “presented by Dr. Di Chio (dental hygienist)
-“Risposta dei mediatori dell’infiammazione alla terapia non chirurgica in pazienti affetti da parodontite aggressiva generalizzata ” presented by Dr. Bianco (dental hygienist)

– “Polydioxanone-based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering” presented by Dr. Valeria Manavella (PhD)
– “Osseous resective surgery with and without fiber retention technique in the treatment of shallow intrabony defects: 3-years analysis of soft tissue re-growth” presented by Dr. Martina Audagna (Master)

19th SIdP National Congress in Turin

The 19th SIdP National Congress about “Appropriateness of Periodontal and Implant Therapy. How and how much?” will be in Turin from 17 to 19 March. Teachers, tutors and students of the Master in Periodontology will be actively involved in the activites for young and for the research.

It is an important opportunity for Dental School and the periodontal group that will be involved in sutures practical training on animal models, for the first time offered by SIdP at the Congress.

Soon we will notify you the works of our student candidates to the research space, Goldman and Cagidiaco Prize.

Master in Periodontology 2016

Start the lessons of the Master for the academic year 2015/2016.

We are plaised to welcome 4 new students for the Master in Periodontology (full time attendance): 2 italians and 2 foreign students from Sudan and Pakistan.

For the Master in Periodontal Therapy (part time attendance) welcome to 8 new students from all over Italy and a student from Albania.


2016 Annual meeting of the Master in Periodontology

January 30, 2016 there was the annual meeting of the Master in Periodontology. The speaker was Prof. Leonardo Trombelli, head of the School of Medicine, University of Ferrara and international fame Periodontist.
Prof. Trombelli has held a lecture entitled “Simplified surgical procedures for periodontal regeneration” about the regeneration therapy focusing the treatment of intraosseous defects with simplified access techniques.
The clinical and scientific content of the conference has made this event an important moment of growing for all the participants.