Dr. Antonio Graziano Curriculum Vitae

DDS magna cum laude in 2004 at the University of Naples.
PhD in Dental Applied Biotechnology, SUN  in 2007.
Advanced Implantology Course, Misch Institute, Detroit, MI, USA and Advanced Medical Biotechnologies, Collegio Ghislieri – University of Pavia, Italy, in 2006.
Adjunct assistant Professor, Center of Biotechnology – SHRO, Temple University, PA, USA.
Adjunct Professor, Master in Periodontology, University of Turin Dental School, Italy.
Goldman Prize for Periodontal Research, SIdP, 2010.
Inventor of 2 world patents on selection and clinical application of human stem cells.
Author of international peer-reviewed papers and Lecturer in Italy and abroad.
Associate Editor for World Journal of Stem Cells and Referee for Journals in stem cells field.