Dr. Francesca Parducci Curriculum Vitae

She graduated in Dentistry(B.A.) in 2006 in the University of Genoa with 110/110 summa cum laude with a thesis entitled “Periodontal disease and preterm low- birth weight (LBW)”.
She received the first Master’s Degree(M.D.) in Oral Surgery at the University of Pisa in 2008 and then a Master’s Degree(M.D.) in Periodontology  directed by Professor Mario Aimetti at the University of Turin in 2012. In the same period she attended the Section of Periodontology at the C.I.R. Dental School, University of Turin, where from January 2012 is the tutor of  graduate students in Dentistry. Since January 2013 has as tutors in the Master in Periodontology.
She works in her private practice at his own studio of Ovada and as a collaborator in endodontics periodontal and implant surgery disciplines.
She holds the position of Professor by concract for Oral Pathology and Clinical Propaedeutic at the Master of Science in Dentistry in the University of Genoa and has a task of teaching for Periomedicine in the Master’s Degree in Periodontology directed by Prof . Mario Aimetti at the University of Turin.
She is a Ordinary member of SIDP (Italian Society of Periodontology), Young Active member of AIE (Italian Academy of Endodontics) and member of ICD (International College of Dentist).
She has attended several educational courses.
Co-author of publications in international journals.