Dr. Orazio Gilestro Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Orazio Gilestro graduated in Dentistry from the University of Turin in 1998.
He improved his knowledge in Prosthetic rehabilitation, Periodontics and Implantology with annual postgraduate courses in 2001, 2002, 2003.
He obtained the Master of Science in Periodontology from the University of Turin in 2008.
He attended since 2006 the Section of Periodontology, Dental School, University of Turin where he carried out clinical, research, didactic activities as Tutor of Post-Graduates students.
It is an ordinary member of the S.I.d.P. Society and of the E.F.P.
Author of scientific papers in periodontics.
Private practice in Turin since 1998 with a professional multidisciplinary approach.